best thing about my streetcar ride today…

bike signthe best thing was that I got an ebike and didn’t have to ride on transit at all 😉
the change to riding a bike into work has been a bit of a pain.  getting all the bits and bods that go with a safe bike commute, getting myself organised each day with all the items i need (i’m a chaotic mess even now), had a faulty fuse which blew half way to work (meaning i had to pedal a very heavy bike the rest of the way to work and back home),  juggling storage as my husband also has a bike to fit in our tiny house.
but those are sorted now~ and it’s all worked out very well.  i’m getting a bit more exercise, i’m feeling good about the environmental impact of my transit and, in the end, i’m saving myself stress/money/time.
being a pedal assist bike i get into the office sweat-free, if a bit wind-blown.  depending on weather i may be able to ride in the majority of days until christmas holidays, which will save me $107 per month in transit costs.  within a year the bike will have paid for itself.  i had been intimidated by the idea of riding in Toronto in regards to both the traffic and fellow riders; however, so far, i’ve been pleasantly surprised.  only one car has tried to kill me, and i haven’t had an altercations with other cyclists.  everyone seems okay that i ride at a moderate pace and stay out of their way.
the best thing is my commute time is now fixed!  it’s a real definite time and not a vague approximation.  i used to be hooked on where is my streetcar because the ttc can be such a mess… or some idiot driver causes a problem on the track and the cars get backed up for an hour.  now i leave work and know i’ll be home within 40 min. without having to chase down the only empty car as it blitzes past me.
the ttc is not out of my life entirely.  the weather will drive me back to it for winter, but my ebike has turned out to be an amazing addition to my day.

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