Review: Structube is the WORST

sadNormally I save my opinions for reviews for the content of my post rather than using the title to voice my love or, in this case, absolute utter disappointment in a company but I have just had the WORST experience with this company.

They’re a huge company and I generally expect larger ones to be able to better serve their customers when problems arise.  But time and again I’m proven wrong.  It’s the little guys who’ll go that extra mile, put in 110%, go the whole hog (to use a few clichéd phrases.)

So, why am I so peeved?  It was just after New Year, I’m sitting on my 7 year old ridiculously uncomfortable couch and browsing the net.  I see a good sale on Structube and a couch I really like.  I have a little extra money in my bank account from a generous Christmas present from my family.  I was going to just put that money towards bills, mortgages, feeding my kids, but I decide I’m going to treat us all to a new couch.  I never get to buy anything new, finances are too tight right now with daycare bills, etc.

I excitedly await its arrival!

I’ve requested Wednesday as my “preferred delivery day”.  I ask to work from home on Wednesday.  I sit at home all day Wednesday.  Nothing happens.

I find a message in my voicemail the next day saying they came to my house and to call back to rearrange delivery.  For ANOTHER $90.  I’m confounded.  I was there and my dog who barks at every noise was there with me.  I was sitting on the floor of my, now empty, livingroom not 10 feet away from the front door?!?!?!

I call Structube and explain.  They tell me to call the shipping company.  The shipping company tells me to call Structube.  Structube says there’s nothing we can do other than charge you again for shipping.  Everyone is claiming that I was called to set up a delivery time and date which is an outright lie.  I requested the Wednesday but it was never confirmed in any way that that would, in fact, be the delivery day.  I was also given a 12 HOUR delivery window, which I was told I’d be given 24 hours notice of a shorter delivery window.  THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

I told them repeatedly that I was 100% there.  Their response was, oh well, there’s nothing we can do.  They wouldn’t offer to deliver again for free given the situation and I didn’t have a single penny more to spend on this purchase.

So now I’ve lost $90 for nothing.

And I have to try and find another sofa for that much less than I had to spend originally, which wasn’t a lot.  My old couch is gone as I had to make room to fit a new one in.  As I sit on my floor each night this will now just be a reminder of how badly I feel screwed.  I’m trying not to cry but my anger is waning into sadness.  It’s the new year and you want to feel like people are good and try to do the right thing.  This wasn’t right, or fair, or kind.  I’m sad.

Overdue Update:  I never actually posted the follow-up to this.  After complaining on every media channel I got the company’s attention and they agreed to deliver the couch “again” for free.  Lesson learned: order from Wayfair that delivers any order over $75 for free and your products actually show up.  If you’re paying a few hundred dollars gouging people over shipping is ludicrous these days!

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